Hey Lady – written and recorded in June, 2013.

Client: N/A – avail for license
Sounds Like: Kirsten DeHaan meets Bob Dylan
Description: TV/Film, mid tempo, story-telling, boy meets girl,
Instruments: guitars, vox, drums, bass, tambourine, keys,
Lyrical theme: All aspects of life, death, lies, love, truth.

I hear you
So tell him to keep his change
I hear you went insane
Oh no Oh no
Why must you tear, you’re gonna catch up with what your mamma said, about yesteryear

There came a lovely man
Who could go back in time
So what’s the surprise
The Mrs. said to him
She said, hey lovely man
I keep catching you in all them lies
Hey lovely man, I’m still waiting for you to die

She said, I’m a gonna gonna be done with
I’m gonna, gonna, be done with
I’m gonna be done with 

So the lovely man
Went back to living life
Knowing all the wrong moves
Couldn’t figure out his path,  let alone his drink

Then came the fireflies
Wings brushing through the wind
He went home to his old lady and asked, if she’s the soul-stress kind 
She said yes Sir, but the kind that leads the blind
Then he said, hey lady, you gotta get with it,

Or I’m a gonna, gonna be done with
I’m gonna, gonna be done with
I’m gonna be done with 

Then the lady says, to the lovely man
I gotta check out your soul, while you do your rock n roll

Then the next morning
she asks 
to be walked to the door
Now the lovely man -become a gentleman
He says hey lady, I’m a sherpa man
See the sherpa man’s, been all around
He knows what comes and goes
He been through every step of the land
He knows what to say at the end of the day
So hey pretty lady, be good to yourself, you got one chance to turn around

Or I’m gonna gonna be done with I’m gonna gonna
be done with, 
I’m gonna be done with you